Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Beginnings

Ok, So:

Today marks a transition in the very small bloggosphere that exists here at Diary of a Genius. For the last few years I have mainly posted small excerpts of my life phrased as either comedic hyperbole (like when I told somebody that I wanted a flock of flying squirrels for my birthday) or prose rich moments where I am filled with inspiration (we all know how much I like deserts.)

However, this blog is transitioning into a more professional capacity one which will be exploring painting; in all it's technical, aesthetic and occasionally tragic glory. While I am by no means a huge expert, I have some small measure of information which others might find helpful. In addition, this blog will function as a showcase for upcoming work and a behind the scenes look into the world of a practicing studio artist. In a sense, it will more fully and truely become a Diary of a Genius.

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