Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Inertia is a helluva thing.

I desperately need inertia to be successful at anything I do. For me to be effective at doing something I almost have to build up a head of steam that can sustain me through the inevitable challenges that arise when taking on difficult tasks.

In other words, I hate stopping what I'm doing because it's very difficult to start doing that again.

Here's what our boy Newton had to say about things:

First law of motion: The velocity of a body remains
constant unless the body is acted upon by an external force.

I think of art not unlike a rocket.

Seriously? Is that the best picture
of a rocket you could find?

It takes a huge amount of force to move a rocket off the ground. But a relatively small amount of force to keep it going. So after a working rhythm is built up, I find painting ideas come to me with unnatural speed. (Mostly as I fall asleep.) It's almost as if my brain is so used to working on painting related problems that after I stop painting, it is so set in the groove that it says, "Well, that color combination worked really well today, I wonder what else we could do with it." and it rifles through is filing system pulling from my own experience as a painter and the paintings I study until it coalesces into a concrete idea.

I have found that painting's turn out best when begun from a concrete idea. I used to just show up at the canvas with a rough idea and waited to see what would happen. But I've since moved away from that. And that requires inertia.

I hate inertia.

So, hopefully I can get things moving again. I am tired of writing now. Because blogging is like firing up a rocket ship. So here is a picture of a bunny eating a banana:


Genius out n'stuff.


  1. Where are that bunny's teeth?!! And why do I have the urge to eat your rocket ship? Is it made of candy? Mmmm ... delicious delicious inertia candy.

  2. There are so many uncomfortable aspects of this blog. I thought they ended with that creepy bunny picture... then I read Kasey's comment.
    PS: The rocket looked just like the one at Paramount park that you loved!